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AMR/AMI For Utility



Technological development in wireless communication and mobile data communication network available across the country is leading to innovative Machine to Machine (M2M) communication applications in the market. Industry players and Utilities are looking to adapt Automated Meter Reading Solutions to gain control over transmission and distribution losses as well as consumptions.

Automated Meter Reading or AMR is the method of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic and other statistics from the energy (electrical, water, gas) metering devices and transferring that to central database for billing, troubleshooting and analyzing.

AMR helps the utility companies to take better control of the operation and avoid periodical trips to the site for recording billing information or for gathering diagnostic information. It also provides near real-time information about the consumption which is critical for taking various business decisions.

Traditionally, AMR solutions have been utility centric and there were very little participation from the customer. However, modern day AMR solutions are trying to enable customers to have an access to real-time statistics as well to avoid any potential dispute later. With advanced AMR solution of ERL, the measurement of the consumption details and analysis in a near-real time has become reality. Customers and Sub division heads are better served by making the information available to them instantaneously. This helps them take corrective actions without the need to wait for the end of the month.

ERL application design is flexible for integration with third party software like existing billing application, Energy Audit application or integration with existing AMR itself using web-services; mutually agreed formats of data sharing through file transfer mechanisms. ERL application offers real time alerts, graphical and summary reports for further analysis purposes.

Standard Features

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