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Turnkey Projects



Offering customized turnkey solutions, the Turnkey Projects Business works through well established, ISO 9001 accredited project management procedures to ensure efficient execution and successful project delivery. It has the capacity to build upto 400kV substations and has carried out transmission line projects upto 220kV voltage levels.

The ERL Turnkey projects division gives utmost importance to the substations design, construction and application of its in-depth knowledge and experience to execute small and large substations. Customers have the benefit of receiving the most economic application while fulfilling all their requirements in terms of time, delivery and quality.

It derives its strength from the in-house manufactured, superior technology products like the HT switchgear and vacuum interrupters and Substations automation solutions. The division has carried out several rural electrification projects of large size and volume, in addition to Greenfield Substation projects upto 400kV. It has immense expertise in the areas of Project feasibility study, Design, Manufacture, Procurement, Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning.

Standard Features
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