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Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) - ER 1000



ER 1000 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), the building block of ERL Substation Automation System is designed to meet the present day utility and industry demands. The RTU is built on internationally well proven hardware and software platform. The standard hardware platform gives the necessary ruggedness and RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) provides the multi-tasking and Real-Time data handling capability. This makes the ER 1000 Automation Product of the 21st century.


  • Gateway for communication between IEDs and Master station
  • Data concentrator for storing data from the IEDs and transferring it to master station.
  • Automation unit for building soft logic.
  • Station level RTU for hardwired inputs.



  • 32-bit High performance RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) operating at >80 MHz Core Frequency.
  • Memory SRAM (64Kbytes Internal and 2MB External) FLASH (512Kbytes).
  • On board 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Controller.
  • On board 6 serial I/Os (RS232 and RS485) and 1 Debug Port.
  • Add on serial I/O’s (RS232 / RS485 software configurable).
  • Add on parallel I/Os (DI, DO, AI, RTD, AO counters etc)
  • High Speed Back Plane Architecture.
  • Equipped with Real-Time Operating System.
  • Equipped with various industrial protocol stacks both at Bay level and Station level.
  • Highly modular in hardware and software design.
  • Redundancy in CPU / Power Supply / Communication Port available.
  • User friendly Configuration Tools for ease of Configuration and Management.
  • Flexible soft logic programing
Standard Features
32bit high performance CPUOn board serial I/Os (RS232 and RS485)
Add on serial I/Os (RS232 and RS485)Add on Parallel I/Os (DI, DO, AI etc)
Equipped with Real Time Operating systemStandard PLC Programming Tool
Equiopped with various industrial protocol stacks both at Bay level and Station levelHighly modular in design
Support for standard IEC 870-5 Modular protocol suiteEMI, EMC Compatible
32bit High performance RISC operating at >80MHz Core FrequencyMemory: SRAM (64Kbytes internal and 2MB External)FLASH(512Kbytes)
On board 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet ControllerOn board 6 serial I/Os (RS232 and RS485) and 1 Debu
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