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Motor Protection Relay Type : RHO 3


RHO 3 is used for protection and management of medium and large motors and driven equipment
It is Ideally suited for pumps, conveyors, compressors, fans etc.

Standard Features
Thermal overload protection (49)Short Circuit Protection (50)
Earth fault Protection (50N)Stall and Locked Rotor Protection (48)
Phase unbalance protection (46)Undercurrent detection (37)
Optional 8 thermistor or Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) InputsRestart inhibit protection
Limitation of number of startsUpto 9 programmable digital inputs & upto 7 programmable output contacts
Trip circuit supervision (95)CT Supervision
LCD DisplayCommunication protocol compatible with IEC 60870-5-103 or MODBUS RTU
Fiber-Optic/ RS485 Communication portCircuit breaker failure protection (50 BF)
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