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iSIS : Intelligent Solid Insulated Switchgear


iSIS is now the switchgear (up to 40.5 kV) with the smallest foot print in the world, reducing the foot print to 50% of GIS switchgear. ISIS is also the greenest switchgear as the insulation is provided by patented solid insulation technology and as such eliminates completely the use of green house gas of SF6. It has other patented features like phase segregated, independantly earthed and metal clad poles, and all active components are insulated with special patented epoxy material, making iSIS extremely safe from fire, explosion and water.

Thus, iSIS will be an ideal replacement for the GIS around the world, in all applications where space is critical like in large metropolitan cities, windmill applications, offshore platforms etc. where safety is paramount like in oil, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in all countries which are increasingly banning the use of SF6 gas in switchgear.


  • Incoming and outgoing feeders
  • Bus risers and sectionalizers
  • Metering panels
  • Tie panels
  • Variety of switchgear panels in single and double bus bar variants
Standard Features
Compact and space savingStandardized dimensions across all ratings
Environment friendly no Greenhouse gasesEpoxy insulated active parts
Independently earthed compartmentsEach phase is independently metal-clad
Fire, explosion and water proofTotally maintenance free

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