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iCB : 12/24kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker


iCB  : 12/24kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker


iCB series comprises embedded pole type vacuum circuit breakers for medium voltage and indoor use. They are suitable for three phase AC operations for 12kV, 17.5kV, 24kV and 36kV and are used for the protection of the electrical equipment in various industries, mining, and especially for medium voltage distribution sub stations, together with suitable air-insulated cubicles.

The iCB used German Technology and is available in complete series for medium voltage and for all commonly used rated currents, from 630A to 4000A, and for rated breaking current up to 40kA. The iCB circuit breaker come with a mechanical lifetime of 30,000 operations.

The embedding with epoxy resin covers the vacuum interrupter as well as the upper and lower contacts of the circuit breaker, thus creating a full insulation for the internal electrical circuits. The embedding is done with a fully automated process, the APG (automated pressure gelatin) process. Thus, the iCB is no longer subjected to environmental hazards, and is fully maintenance free in this aspect.

A special flexible bedding fills the space between the vacuum interrupter and the epoxy resin, creating a cushion that responds to all thermal expansions and contractions, safeguarding the iCB from the occurrence of any electrical gap and therefore flash overs.

The embedded pole technology protects the circuit breaker from shock and mechanical stress, pollution and condensation. Flash overs between the interrupters are now virtually a thing of the past. Also, the creep age length of the interrupter and therefore the voltage withstand level (BIL) of the circuit breaker increase dramatically, opening new dimensions in cubicle design.

The use of modern, small-size vacuum interrupters with first class technology, the above features ensure the highest level of reliability for the iCB circuit breaker.

While meeting all relevant standards, with a lifetime of over 30,000 mechanical operations, and the ability to function as a recloser, the iCB can surely meet the highest demands of the industry.

Last not least, the high level of automation and technology used make the iCB also economically competitive and interesting for panel builders around the world.


  • Suitable for 3-phase AC operations for 12kV, 17.5kV, 24kV and 36kV
  • Medium voltage distribution sub stations
Standard Features
Embedded pole technology protects the circuit breaker from shock and mechanical stress, pollution and condensationThe epoxy resin embedding creates a full insulation for the internal electrical circuits
Lifetime of over 30,000 mechanical operationsFunctions as a recloser
Integrated design and attractive featuresComes in different versions to cater to a multitude of customers
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