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Transformer Protection Relay : T-PRO


The IEC 61850 station bus embedded T-PRO relay provides complete three phase multi-winding transformer protection and overload protection, DFR-quality fault oscillography, fault logging, sequence of event logging, trend recording and integrated with advanced communications in a flexible, cost effective package.

The T-PRO can be applied on system for high speed protection and complete control of multi-winding transformers with the HV and LV windings connected to all bus types such as ring bus or breaker-and-half arrangements.


  • Primary and backup protection and management of small, medium and large power transformers, as well as reactors.
  • Applicable for transformers installed in sub-stations with all type of bus bar arrangements; ring bus or breaker-and-half configuration.

Features and Benefits

Easy to Use

  • Easy-to-use, install and maintain
  • Easy to order - no complex product codes
  • User-friendly, Windows based relay setting and record analysis software
  • Setting software tool - relay specific application
  • On Line setting tool
  • Flexible programmable logic for building customized Schemes with ProLogic statements - 24 control Logic statements (total of 192 statements)

Reduced Installation and Operation Cost

  • Substation automation cost - includes IEC 61850 protocol along with PRP (Optional) to display and transfer operational data via LAN / DAN for local HMI and wide-area network (WAN) for remote monitoring SCADA
  • Engineering, installation and commissioning cost - IEC 61850 GOOSE messages communicate high-speed information between IEDs on the substation LAN / DAN
  • Product setting time - 128 X 64 LCD graphical user interface provides convenient means to verify / change specific settings and parameters
  • Front panel indicators - 18 user-configurable LEDs, and Fixed 4 LEDs - Relay Functional, IRIG-B Functional, Service Required, Test Mode.

Flexible Communications

  • 100BASE-TX RJ-45 or 100BASE-FX 1300nm multimode Optical with ST style connector
  • Ethernet ports with PRP compliant (Optional)
  • Front panel USB interface

Substation Automation - Ethernet Ready

  • Standard IEC61850 Station Bus & Optional PRP (IEC 62439-3) on a dedicated Optical / Copper Ethernet port
  • Enhanced DNP3 SCADA communication protocol including user
  • Selectable point lists, class support and multiple master stations Support
  • Modbus SCADA communication protocol
  • 30 Virtual Inputs for local and remote control

Multi-Functional Recording and Event Logging

  • Exceptional fault recording capabilities (with 128 samples/cycle)
  • User selectable pre-fault and total record length of maximum 10seconds/record with a total memory of 150seconds, records can have a combination of transient /event & trend records.
  • Continuous, slow-speed trend recording of the transformer and its Characteristics with an adjustable sample period from 3 to 60 Minutes/sample
  • Metering functions for each input connection
  • Sequence of event recorder - 250 events with 1 ms resolution (a compressed sequence of event file is created approximately every 230 events)

RecordGraph and RecordBase View

  • Display multiple channels simultaneously and combine records
  • Display multiple component voltage, current or summed channels
  • Display THD, harmonic magnitude
  • Display sub-harmonic THD, sub-harmonic magnitude
  • Zoom, alignment, scaling, unit functions
  • Record summaries including event lists
  • COMTRADE, PTI & MS Excel Export functions





Standard Features
Exceptional fault recording capabilities with 96 s/cycle, all channels with events (best combination of waveform accuracy and file size)High quality recording - fault recording (96 samples/cycle), up to 600 days of trending information of MW, MVAR, I, ambient temperature and loss of life, and event logging (1 ms resolution)
Highest storage capacity of sequence of event records with a maximum capacity of 150 files each containing up 230 eventsExpedited response to systems events (11 generic front panel LEDs can be mapped to internal elements) allowing operators to quickly identify the cause of system events

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