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Feeder Protection Relay Type : F-PRO


The F-PRO is a family of Multifunction Numerical Relays, meant for protection of Transmission and Distribution equipment.  Each relay in the the family is loaded with a set of functions which can suit the requirements in a variety of power automation applications.  The products in the family are configured with a set of current and/ or voltage operated protections, metering and data communication functions

For analysis, the product includes Fault logs, Disturbance recording and Sequence of events with 1ms time stamp resolution.  The draw-out construction of the relay eases manitenance.

Standard Features
Dir./Non-Dir. Over Current Protection Dir./Non-Dir. Measured Ground Fault Protection
Dir./Non-Dir. Derived Ground Fault Protection Negative Sequence Over Current Protection
Restricted/Sensitive/Standby Ground/Residual Over Current Fault ProtectionBroken Conductor Detection
Negative Phase Sequence Over Voltage ProtectionThermal Over Load Protection
Circuit Breaker Failure ProtectionHigh Impedance Differential Protection
Phase Under/Over Voltage ProtectionDerived Residual Over Voltage Protection
Measured Residual Over Voltage ProtectionOverflux Protection
Under/Over Frequency ProtectionRate of Change of Frequency Protection
Four Shot Auto Reclose FunctionSynchro Check/Energizing Check
Current Transformer SupervisionVoltage Transformer Supervision
Trip Circuit SupervisionCB Monitoring
Transformer Inrush Detection & RestraintTHD Protection for Voltage and Current
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