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Feeder Protection - F-PRO2000 Series Relays


The F-PRO is a family of Multifunction Numerical Relays, meant for protection of Transmission and Distribution equipment.  Each relay in the the family is loaded with a set of functions which can suit the requirements in a variety of power automation applications.  The products in the family are configured with a set of current and/ or voltage operated protections, metering and data communication functions

For analysis, the product includes Fault logs, Disturbance recording and Sequence of events with 1ms time stamp resolution.  The draw-out construction of the relay eases manitenance.

F-PRO Variants:

  1. Non-Directional Over Current Protecton Relay - F-PRO215
  2. Non-Directional Over Current Protection Relay with SEF - F-PRO216
  3. Directional Multifunction Protection Relay - F-PRO235
  4. Voltage and Frequency Protection Relay - F-PRO295
  5. Feeder Management Relay - F-PRO297
  6. Feeder Management Relay with Vsync - F-PRO298
Standard Features
Measurements & MonitoringInterface & Communications
Site selectable 1A/5A CT secondary ratingsProgrammable VT Secondary
Programmable IEC & ANSI inverse/definite time delay curves & User defined curvesProgrammable Self/Hand Reset Output Contacts
Programmable Self/Hand Reset LEDs20 Fault Logs stored
1000 Event Records stored with time tagStored 20 Disturbance Records
4/8 Setting GroupsMultilevel Password Protection
7/13 Programmable LEDs & 1 fixed LED for Relay Healthy IndicationProgrammable Frequency (50Hz/60Hz)
2X16 Alpha Numeric LCD (For 215,216,235 & 295)128*64 Graphical LCD Display ( For 297 & 298)
4/14 Programmable digital input8/14 Programmable output relays
Time Synchronization through PPM/SNTP/IRIG-B - Modulated / Unmodulated inputs are user configurableParallel Redundant Protocol optional while ordering (PRP)

User Manual
F-PRO215_User Manual.pdf

F-PRO216_User Manual.pdf

F-PRO235_User Manual.pdf

F-PRO297_User Manual.pdf

F-PRO295_User Manual.pdf

F-PRO298_User Manual.pdf

F-PRO 2000 IEC 61850 Certificate
F-PRO2000 Ordering Sheet
ERL 61850 IED Configurator
F-PRO 2000 Offliner
Record Graph
Record Base
Relay Control Panel
Firmware release notes1
F-PRO215 Firmware Release
F-PRO216 Firmware Release
F-PRO235 Firmware Release
F-PRO295 Firmware Release
F-PRO297 Firmware Release
F-PRO298 Firmware Release
Autocad Drawings
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