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Numerical Single Function Relays : Genesis->
Numerical Sensitive Current Protection Relay Type : MIT 161


MIT 161 is a numerical protection unit comprising two elements namely the earth fault element and lowset thereby offering two stages of protection. The earth fault element, the first stage of protection is provided with definite time lag (DTL). The lowset element has DTL or numerous IDMTL curves. One of the elements can also be put off when there is no necessity.


  • Capacitor banks
  • High resistance earthed systems
Standard Features
Both 1A & 5A CT inputs in one relayBoth DC & AC auxiliary supply available
Drawout modular case (150X151mm cutout )Compact design
Non-volatile memory for trip indicationSelf-monitoring facility
7 segment LED displayStatus indication LEDs
Sealable front cover to prevent unauthorised access6 output contacts
Unbalance current protection function for Capacitor banksSensitive earthfault (50 N)
Numerical, fundamental timed measurementLowset element
Highly immune to harmonics

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