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Numerical Auto Reclose Relay : Multi Shot Type : MART 403


The relay is suitable up to four shots. It consists of four cards viz.front fascia, power supply status input & output card and Micro controller card are housed in a compact 3N Non draw-out case.

Micro controller does the sequence control and timing function. The DIP Switches on the relay front fascia select different operating functions and time setting.There is a watchdog timer in the relay which continuously monitors the program, put off ^POWER ON^ LED indication if the watch dog timer elapses.

To start an auto re close cycle, the initiating contact from the protective relay must be closed without chatter for at least 12 milliseconds.

Two optically isolated inputs are provided. One is used to take the three phase protection operated contact inputs to initiate the auto rec lose relay.

The another input is used to block the re close functions if the external blocking input is initiated.

Reclose Timer:
The relay has four re-close timers. The relay selects the respective timer sequentially depending upon the number of re-close selection and the re-close initiation.

Reclaim Timer:
There is the common reclaim timer. It operates in series with the re-close timers. The over all reclaim time delay from the relay initiation to relay reset is therefore reclaim timer setting plus re-close time. For every initiation the reclaim time counting are resets automatically.

Lockout Function:
When the number of shots switch is in OFF mode the protection operated contact input initiation condition it will energize the lockout relay and lockout LED indication and it blocks the re-close function.

When the external blocking input is initiated, the re-close function is blocked and it energize external blocking LED, Lockout LED and Lockout relay.

As the relay allows the maximum of four re-close depending upon the number of shots selection, the number of shots is less than the number of initiation within the reclaim time it will energize the lockout relay and its LED indication.

Standard Features
Compact designSelf-monitoring facility
Status indication LEDsSealable front cover to prevent unauthorised access
Micro-controller basedAutomatic tripped breaker reclosure
Non-drawout case (140X104mm cutout)Dip switches for parameter setting
Suitable for 3-phase reclosingUpto 4 reclosures available
5 output contacts as standard3 additional output contacts as option
2 status inputs
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