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Numerical Multi Function Relays->
Feeder Protection - F-PRO1000 Series Relays


Product Overview

F-PRO is the family of numerical multifunction relays suitable for distribution and industrial solutions. It provides feeder protection with current elements which can suit the requirements for variety of utility distribution networks.
This product family is included with metering, communications, fault logs, sequence of events with 1ms time stamp resolution for analysis.
Flexible I/O options, draw out construction of the relay case, easy mounting and user friendly settings make easy maintenance and less time consumption to the end users. F-PRO can be integrated in to Serial Protocol (IEC 60870-5-103 (or) Modbus RTU/ASCII).

F-PRO provides multi functional over current protections for Distribution Feeders, AC Machines, Capacitor Banks, Transformers, etc.,
Rear side communication capability allows integration in to Smart Grid such as Substation Automation, Monitoring system and SCADA.

Measurements & Monitoring
• Phase Currents
• Residual Current
• Sequence Currents
• Frequency and Phase Angles
• Percentage Thermal State
• Monitoring - status of External Inputs and Relay Outputs

Communication Interface
Front : USB 2.0 port
Rear : RS485

Communication Protocol
• Modbus RTU / ASCII (or)
• IEC60870-5-103 

Functional Overview
• Site selectable 1A or 5A CT secondary ratings
• Programmable IEC & ANSI inverse/DT/User defined curves
• Programmable Self/Hand Reset Output Contacts
• Programmable Self and Hand reset LEDs
• 10 Fault Logs
• 200 Event Records with 1ms time tag
• 2 Setting Groups
• Multilevel Password Protection
• 7 Programmable LEDs & 1 fixed LED for Healthy Indication
• Programmable Frequency (50Hz or 60 Hz)
• 2 X 16 character alphanumeric LCD
• 4 Programmable External Inputs
• 6 Programmable Output Contacts


Standard Features

Ordering Template

User Manual

F-PRO116 _connection_diagram.pdf


Virtual comport driver.rar


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