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ERL Mint Makes it big in Myanmar (September-October 2009)

ERL Mint is making inroads to Myanmar by promoting the concept of  OEMs/ system integrators which compliment the medium voltage business potential there. We have started promoting our Genesis range of relays in Myanmar and we are successful in promoting our 11kV VCB panel too.

The VCB truck was being promoted as a package along with relays, CT, PT and energy meters to select leading panel builders. This concept worked like magic in the Mayanmar market and we received a large order worth US$ 111000 for 45 no.s of 11kV, 800A, 25KA VCB truck and 5 no.s of 11kV, 1250A, 25KA VCB trucks. This is the first major order for VCB trucks for ERL Mint and also ERL India.



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