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Easun Reyrolle
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Easun Reyrolle, India is a leader in the field of electrical power management, a vibrant and growing industry. This is the parent company of the ERL group, which consists of ERL International Pte. Ltd : Singapore, ERL Marketing International FZE : Sharjah, ERL Phase Power Technologies Ltd : Canada, ERL Switchcraft Europe GmbH : Germany and ERL Pacific,  Australia.

Easun Reyrolle has distinguished itself with an enviable range of products, systems, solutions and services that find application in electrical power transmission and distribution. The strong customer-centric approach and 30 years of domain expertise have translated into products and technology that truly bring value to customers.

One of the greatest strengths of Easun Reyrolle is that the entire product cycle right form the approval of raw materials, manufacturing, quality testing to marketing is done under one unified umbrella. ERL is quick to rise to the new challenges of changing markets and has grown rapidly, adding new products, new technologies and exploring new markets. This bold strategy has helped it emerge as one of the leading players in India in its field and is moving towards a large global presence.

ERL provides “One Touch Access” that enables customers to source their diverse requirements from a single source to ensure efficient, effective and integrated solutions that are engineered in a seamless fashion.

  • Protective Relays
  • Control & Protection Systems
  • Automation Products
  • Power System Recorders
  • Phaser Measurement Units
  • Wide Area Monitoring Solutions
  • Substation Automation Systems for EHV/HV/MV Substations
  • Network Management (SCADA/DMS/EMS)
  • Power Distribution Automation for Industries
  • Intelligent GPRS Modem
  • Intelligent Data Concentrator Unit

           -RS485/RS-232C/Ethernet Interfaces
           -DLMS/Modbus/DNP-3/TCP-IP Protocols

  • Device Management and Data Acquisition System
  • Meter Data Management System


  • Air Insulated Vacuum Switchgear (Open pole) up to 36kV
  • Air Insulated Vacuum Switchgear (Embedded pole) up to 36kV
  • Revolutionary Solid Insulated Switchgear up to 40.5kV
  • Ring Main Units(RMU) up to 24kV
  • MV Vacuum Contactor
  • Retrofitting of MV Switchgear
  • Cycloalipathic CTs and PTs


  • Green field Substation Projects up to 400kV
  • Substations Augmentation and Modernization up to 400kV
  • Transmission Line Projects
  • Rural Electrification Projects


Easun Reyrolle in India has world class manufacturing facilities at Hosur and Bangalore which are well-equipped both in terms of machinery as well as technical expertise. These facilities cover all its product lines and in some cases serve as a global base.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Support Network

Easun Reyrolle has a pan Indian presence and a network of offices in eight strategic locations and representations in many more. This builds a string relationship with customers for close pre sales and post sales customer support. It also maintains reserve teams that provide logistics, application and post sales service support to the other group companies.

Easun Reyrolle is consistently moving towards achieving higher goals and transforming


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